Central government opens treasury: Rs 1.70 lakh crore relief package announced, also announced for farmers.Finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman has announced a slew of measures to deal with the economic distress caused due to the coronavirus pandemic and the subsequent lockdown announced to deal with the situation.The finance minister had already announced some measures on Tuesday that included extension of tax deadlines, easing minimum balance norms for savings account, and increasing threshold of insolvency filing to Rs one crore from Rs one lakh.
Here's what the FM said:
PM Gareeb Kalyan Scheme will entail Rs 1.7 lakh crore.
It will include both cash transfer and food security.
Provide insurance cover worth Rs 50 lakh for sanitation workers, ASHA workers, doctors, nurses, paramedics in case they need it as they are on the frontlines of the corona battle.
Over and above 5kg of rice/wheat that is already given, another 5 kg per person will be given free to around 80 crore people through PDS. Besides, one kg of preferred and region specific choice of pulse will also be given.

Wow! In the case of lockdown, the system in Sabarkantha district worked so that it should be done all over the state.
Talking about the EPF, the government had announced that the government would provide employee and company share for the next three months. Which means that the government will provide 12-12% of PF money from both sides for the next three months. This relief will be applicable to people with up to 100 employees with 90% employees having less than 15000 salaries. The announcement will benefit 80 lakh employees and benefit 4 lakh companies.

Advertising on the celebrated plan
Under the celebrated scheme, 8 million BPL families have been announced to provide free gas cylinders for three months.

Important announcement for women
In the accounts of 20 crore women, housing will be deposited at Rs 500 per month for three months.

Relief for the elderly and the disabled too
1000 rupees will be provided for the elderly, widows and the disabled. This will be for the next three months. Which will be deposited in two installments. Direct benefit transfer will be made for the people in this category. About 300 million people will benefit from this initiative.

Increased labor wages
Sitharaman said the wages of laborers under MGNREGA have been increased. The wages were previously Rs 182 which is now Rs 202. 5 crore families are expected to benefit.

An even bigger ad for 8 crore farmers
An announcement was also made for farmers under the Prime Minister's Kisan Samman Nidhi scheme. It has been decided to deposit Rs 2000 in installments in their account in April. This advertisement will benefit 8 crore farmers. Money will be transferred directly to the farmers account through Jan-Dhan account.

50 lakhs insurance to 20 lakh employees
Finance Minister Sitharaman thanked health workers working in the Corona crisis. He has announced medical insurance worth Rs. 50 lakhs. They include Asha workers, paramedical staff, technical staff, doctors. It will benefit about two million employees.

Cheap cereal ads too
In addition, the Prime Minister's Poor Welfare Food Scheme will provide food to 80 million poor people. There will be no poor appetite so each person will be given 5 kg of wheat or rice for the next three months. Apart from that, they will also get the same amount of five kilos previously received. 1 kg of pulses of choice will be provided per family for the next three months.

Key points of the finance ministry press conference
Corona virus transmission is spreading all over the world and the number of people dying due to the virus has crossed four thousand. This is why the World Health Organization (WHO) has declared it a pandemic. In India, too, more than 70 positive cases of coronavirus cases in India have come out. 

Nirmala Sitharaman announces a package of Rs.1.7 lakh crore
36 hours later the finance minister announced the package again
Compliance relief first
Then the poor are the poor people who need it
Talked about how the poor get a night out

Introduced the Poor Welfare Package
Health sector warrior doctor, cleanup worker hopeworker, paramedical staff, frontline warrior made no accident for 5 million Amoun per person

Twenty-two million employees will benefit.
Earlier, the finance minister had made some relief announcements. In which case they will not be charged for withdrawing money from ATM and the minimum balance rule in the bank. As well as the GST and ITR dates up to June 30. It is to be seen today that the finance minister is making some other announcements.

The country is fighting the Corona virus. The lockdown and the Corona virus have caused an economic blow to the country and the world. At that time, Nirmala Sitharaman can announce the importance of the economy as well as employment. It is said that the Modi government may have planned an economic relief package at yesterday's cabinet meeting to get out of the Corona crisis.

It is important that after yesterday's cabinet meeting, the government announced to give cheap food to the people. He also appealed to anyone not to worry about buying goods. Prakash Javadekar said that the government has already made arrangements for food and living necessities in every state by taking adequate measures.

Aarthik Package from Corona (COVID-19) Mahamari by Finance Minister Shree Sitaraman

Fortunately not a single positive case of Coronavirus Cases in Gujarat has been reported in Gujarat, but there has been a spread among people about this virus.