GANDHINAGAR: The government of Gujarat has initiated discussions with school managements of the state to begin the academic year by June end with stringent social distancing and hygiene measures in place.

However, the government is yet to open a dialogue with parents’ bodies.
A key source in the state education department confirmed that discussions have begun between the government, GCERT, teacher’s bodies and school authorities on when the academic year in schools can be initiated. 
“We have proposed the idea of running schools in two shifts to ensure social distancing, running schools on an odd-even pattern, making masks compulsory, changes in the syllabus, regular sanitization of schools and even holding online sessions to whatever extent possible,” sources in the government said.

AHMEDABAD: The Gujarat high court has gotten confused by the online identities of many lawyers and has asked them to change their usernames on Zoom to their real names, so that their real identity is displayed on the screen when they request the HC to allow entry into the virtual courtroom.
As the high court is hearing cases during the lockdown period through video conferencing on Zoom, its administration finds it a real challenge to allow people with ‘abstract display names’ or mostly ‘Admin’ to be part of the case hearing. Confused by these online identities, the HC has requested lawyers to see that when they call their actual, correct full name is displayed on screen when joining the court session on Zoom