Birds are the most abundant group of vertebrate wildlife in all the natural environments in Spain. Rivers, far from being the exception to this rule, are home to many bird species: some go there to eat, or to nest or to rest, others follow the course of a river, using it as a migratory route to travel between Europe and Africa.
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Birds are clearly present during the wintertime. Leafless trees reveal these inhabitants, who are also more abundant and, generally, larger than those that are usually found in fairer weather. However they are not so easy to see in spring and summer, but they can be heard singing among the leaves that protect them. Identifying these birds by their song is a complex task for all but the experts.

The warming of the planet over recent decades is causing significant changes in the structure and functioning of natural systems, as well as in the way they work. In the context of the Mediterranean region, it is difficult to identify those changes related to climate change that may have occurred in the rivers of the region, as they are already highly regulated and have been altered by excessive catchment areas and a wide range of infrastructures. Recent studies however indicate that low river flows and the frequency of extreme events are increasing, from droughts through to floods. With respect to birds, mating calls and reproductive activity are now being detected one or two weeks' before they were previously, while migrations are also beginning and ending both earlier and later. This often leads to timing issues when it comes to the availability of food sources, whether plant (fruit) or animal origin (the emergence of aquatic insects, the activity of amphibians, rodents and other bird species, etc.).

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Just like humans, animals, birds and other living creatures also talk to each other through different sounds and bodily actions. There are sounds like crow, bird, goat, frog etc., but we do not understand these sounds that is why they have not been recognized as a language.
That is why these are called dialects of animals and birds. Below are some animal-bird quotes that will be beneficial for the students.