Which Medium Is Best Or Students ? Gujarati Or English Medium
which medium is best for students? Gujarati or English: It is the dream of every parent to educate their child the best way possible and pushing themselves to achieve so no matter what. Meanwhile comes a time when the parent needs to decide in what medium should they educate child. Would it be first language i.e Gujarati or English medium or does it really count?
Which Medium Is Best Or Students ? Gujarati Or English Medium
It is not that we live in bad society but eventually everyone here has a some advice for your career even if they use thumb for signing. Some of them think that They should choose Gujarati medium as It is necessary to have hold on Gujarati which is the mother tongue or just may be they hate British left English. On the other hand, some think that Child should be educated in English medium just because of their blah blah relative’s child is in English medium and show off. Yes Such people do exist!! You get to hear such self made theories with zero logic in it as far as education is concerned.
Mostly, we ignore their zero logic belief and get in touch to seek views on this from intellectuals. Some time back, I received an image on whatsapp that was a snapshot of an article published on some local newspaper. Article stated that Survey was conducted by a Professor from over 5000 students from different schools across Gujarat. Students were asked to write essays in the language and a test in maths and science. They jump to the conclusion from the survey that Gujarati medium students are clever than English medium ones.

Is it correct to propagate such conclusion by just looking one side of the coin. It does not make sense to judge cleverness just based on the marks. If the same survey would have been carried out from 5000 employees in the IT industry, Bank Sector and Diplomats representing India to the world, Survey results would be completely opposite which this Professor might never thought of. We are in 21st century and more likely the part of digital world, where just marks and academic qualification cannot rate one’s credibility. Contrary, if you ask this to person associated with Gujarati literature, His abrupt reply will be Gujarati because It is his career that he is passionate about.

The choice
There are and will always be perspectives where one language will dominate other. Being a parent, You have hope of some sort of occupation (Artist, Author, Engineer, Sports person) and there lies the answer. This choice can be an added advantage career wise. The choice cannot come from society but from within. And even if something goes wrong with the choice, there is a way out.

The way out
What if you were a gujarati medium student and part of an IT industry, Management or sales where communication in english does matter. Or If you have been an english medium student and part of Gujarati art and literature domain where you come across poets who speak never heard gujarati words and you just wonder. Well!! Poet do use some heavy gujarati words that even gujarati medium students are not aware of.

Skill can always be learned if one is determined. Surely 30 day English speaking course will not lend the power to speak flawless english. There are many people I know in IT industry who were in gujarati medium but have mastered english speaking skills by watching English movies, reading english newspapers, books and practicing it over a course of time.

To master Gujarati, You need to read a lot. One should persevere. Abhishek Jain (Producer: Wrong side raju, Bey yaar, Kevi rite Jaish) never formally educated in gujarati but is one of the prominent name in the Gujarati movie industry. Because He was doing theatre in Gujarati since childhood.