The department of the government, the norms for determining the number of teachers for primary and upper primary schools have been implemented in accordance with the RTE Act-2009.
 Accordingly, according to the revised norms of the student teacher, the District Panchayat Education Committee / Town Education Committees from all the District / Town Education Committees on the date of allotment of teacher establishment against the eligible teachers as per the provisions of this resolution.
of teachers to be met by calculating the number of students registered as on 31/08/2020 are obtained from Reference-2.  In this regard, regardless of the information submitted by your District Education Committee, the establishment of primary teachers is approved subject to the following conditions, while the establishment of the head teacher will be approved separately and reported.
 (1) To inform the Taluka Primary Education Officer by allocating taluka wise teacher establishment in the primary schools of your district education committee as on 31/08/2020.  According to which Taluka Primary

The Education Officer will have to issue an order for the establishment of an approved teacher against each school teacher. (2) While approving school wise establishment from the approved establishment, Std-1 to 5 primary section and Std-6 to 8 higher

Separate establishments will have to be allotted for the primary department. (3) Education aeo 625 bhas: of 24/112012/621065/8 (page 6-1) dated 26/10/2020 dated 18/02/2014
In Rule 4 of Chapter (b) of the Resolution, the establishment shall be approved subject to the amended provision. (4) As per the new norms of the vacancies in the District / Town Education Committees as on 31/08/2020.

In addition to the total sanctioned establishments, additional seats have been sanctioned as supernumerary as stated in columns 4 and 7 of the form where the eligible establishment is less. Therefore, such additional superwoman vacancies will have to be canceled as they become vacant due to retirement or other reasons. No new appointment can be made to any such post. (5) In correspondence with the State Government and for all purposes as on 31/08/2020 Teacher Establishment as above District Primary Education Officer, District Education Committee, Kutch