Vadh Parat (Over Set Up Return) Related Circular And Vadh Parat Form 
In each taluka, if the copy of BRC / CRC is canceled or the period is completed, he has been transferred out of the taluka. After compensating the internal increase and decrease of the taluka in the change camp of that year Provision has been made to bring back the vacancy, and if the teacher / educational assistant has been transferred out of the taluka due to lack of vacancy in his taluka in the transfer camp, he would also remain after the compensation as a taluka. Provision is made to fill in the blanks.
In order to avail the benefit of the provision of the above resolution, the deputation of the primary teacher / teaching assistant or BRC / CRC who has gone out of the taluka has been canceled or has been transferred out of the taluka at the end of the period. It is asked to send it along with supporting evidence by 24/11/2020. You will have to report this to your taluka school and get the details. This includes a copy of the reference resolution and a sample.

Such a teacher changed under slaying. The five massacres to be held after the date of the order can be requested to return to the original taluka till the change camp but such a teacher may have requested to return to the camp and even if space is available in that taluka in that camp. If the selection is not made then the teacher will not be eligible to return to the original taluka for this purpose. In this case, the teacher concerned will be deemed to have lost this opportunity permanently.

Vadh Parat (Over Set Up Return) Related Circular And Vadh Parat Form 
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