Presiding Officer Assistant App.This application will be very useful for presiding officers on election duty.The Election Commission of India has embarked upon to use the ICT Mobile technologies to improve searching of the electors by Polling Staff thereby reducing Polling time drastically. Similarly, by marking the elector's attendance through newer mobile which processes the data in an offline environment, a real-time poll turnout can be made available to election officials and the citizens. Also by allowing marking of the voters, ECI proposes to bring about Artificial Intelligence in giving a prediction about the queue in the polling station upfront through the Voter Helpline Mobile app. Thus, an elector will get to know the best time to go for the polling. The poll party will scan the pre-printed booth slip consisting of a unique QR code to mark the attendance of electors for voting.
Presiding Officer Assistant App
To achieve this triple objective, the ECI has launched an ICT application called ‘Booth App’, consisting of a simplified mobile app for Booth Level Officer and Polling Staff. The application Proof of Technology has successfully been tested at Hamirpur (UP) bye-election and its pilot has been conducted in Kasba Peth AC of Maharashtra, Samastipur PC of Bihar, and 10 ACs of Jharkhand.

To enable voters to download the digital photo voter slip in their mobile application, voters can continue to link up their mobile phone with EPIC card on the Voter Helpline App and download the Digital Photo Voter slip containing QR code which is to be used for booth app. Those Voters carrying Digital Photo voter slip within Voter Helpline App can carry mobile phones inside polling station only upto Polling Official using booth app and use it instead of printed copy.

The polling station team
Polling Stations are open from 7.00 a.m. until 10.00 p.m. On Election Day staff are required to arrive at the Polling Station at 6.15 a.m. to set up the equipment. Staff are not permitted to leave the premises during Polling Hours in order to maintain the secrecy of the vote.
The role of the polling station staff is to ensure that voters are able to cast their vote in secret, free from influence and in a calm atmosphere.

The Presiding Officer
Presiding Officers are responsible for the conduct of the ballot in the polling stations and
they must have a good knowledge of the voting procedures.
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Prisiding Officer Assistant Application

The Role:
• Comply with any instructions from the Returning Officer
• To take charge of a polling station.
• To ensure that all electors are treated impartially and with respect.
• To maintain the secrecy of the ballot
• To supervise the Poll Clerk(s) at the polling station.

Before Election Day:
• Where applicable, attend training sessions and briefings provided by the Electoral
Services office
• Liaise with contact person for designated polling station before Election Day to
confirm arrangements for key collection/opening and closing the building.

Presiding Officer Assistant App

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