How much fee do parents have to pay if schools are closed in lockdown? An important judgment of the Supreme See news report
In these times of the core, everyone is going through Mushechly. Schools are long-off closed.Guardians are in trouble with education and fees. If they have their arguments by taking the fees of schools, there are their own arguments in the front. During the schools of schools last year also talked to the High Court in many states. Then this dispute reached the Supreme Court. Regarding the Supreme Court's decision and pointing both today. The Supreme Court has said that in the time of lockdown, schools can length of full fees.
How much fee do parents have to pay if schools are closed in lockdown? An important judgment of the Supreme See news report
The Supreme Court today directed private schools running without 36 thousand grants of Rajasthan, that they charge 15% less fees annually from students for the educational session 2020-21. This decision has been specified that in the case of fees, any student can not be prevented in the class on the class of virtual or conditions, which should not be stopped in the class.

The Supreme Court has kept the order of Rajasthan High Court. In which Rajasthan Vidyalaya (demand regulatory) statute 2016 and the challenge given to the validity of the law made under the law related to the relevant laws in schools. Justice A. Khanvilkar and Justice Dinesh Marthawari has specified in his verdict of 128 pages, that the educational session 2020-21 will be paid in fee for students or guardians for 6 identical installments. The bench said that it can not be denied that due to a complete lockdown applied due to the epidemic, unprecedented status has been produced. Whose people have a serious impact on the industry world and the whole country.

Amid calls to slash school fees, Supreme Court has asked educational institutions to reduce fees as their running costs have come down with offline class and on-campus facilities remaining closed. Bench of Justices AM Khanwilkar and Dinesh Maheshwari said that schools must be sensitive to the problems faced by people amid the pandemic and take steps to help students and their parents in these hard times.

"In law, the school management cannot collect fees in respect of activities and facilities which are, in fact, not provided to or availed of by its students due to circumstances beyond their control. Demanding fees even in respect of overheads on such activities would be nothing short of indulging in profiteering and commercialisation. It is a well-known fact and judicial notice can also be taken that due to complete lockdown, schools were not allowed to open for substantially long period during the academic year 2020-21. Resultantly, the school management must have saved overheads and recurring costs on various items such as petrol/diesel, electricity, maintenance cost, water charges, stationery charges, etc," the bench stated.

While listening to a bunch of pleas by private unaided schools of Rajasthan against the state government's order to forego 30 per cent of the tuition fee during the pandemic, the bench agreed that schools had to reduce the fees.

Justice Khanali was mentioned in the verdict that Jobs has gone a large number of people in this type of economic crisis. This verdict is said that the "appellant (school) recovers a fee according to the arrangement of the education session from its students 2016 for 2016, but the fees are taken 15% less in mind the facilities used by students for the educational session 2020-21 . If schools want to allow their students more, it depends on it and can give it.