Download Cyber Safe Girl Pdf In Gujarati |  Cyber Safe Girl Pdf Gujarati
Why are people susceptible to a large number of cybercrimes these days? This app helps answer that question through a set of easy to understand infotoons highlighting the situations where people open themselves to exploitation.
Download Cyber Safe Girl Pdf In Gujarati |  Cyber Safe Girl Pdf Gujarati
The Cyber Safe Girl, inspired by Pradhaan Mantri’s Beti Bachao Beti Padhao initiative, was first conceptualized in 2017 with the tag line - Beti Bachao Cyber Crime Se. This app gives you free access to the Cyber Safe Girl 3.0 eBook which highlights 30 such common crimes along with the legal sections that are applicable and a bonus tip from a cybersecurity expert to safeguard you from such incidents in the future.

In today’s world of cyber era, where there is an ever increasing cyber crimes and cyber thefts taking place, we need to be alert and ever conscious of every small act related to our personal activities on online social media.

No longer the thieves are entering only through the gates or doors, the cyber criminals are entering through thin air and creating havoc in our bedrooms and living rooms. I think it is an absolute necessity for people especially women to have the awareness to protect themselves and their loved ones from such ghastly incidents that are taking place drastically making our innocent actions pertaining to our personal lives online very vulnerable to such untoward things.

The book concludes with a message from a police officer and 38 sections of the IT Act and the Indian Penal Code under which the 30 crimes can be tried.

In addition, the app also contains
- WEB SERIES - In order to visualise and enhance your understanding of the topics better, you are offered with 30 video lectures for the 30 chapters covered in the book.

- CERTIFICATION - Get a free certificate upon completion of the course and be Cyber Safe.

- CYBER HEADLINES - It provides brief information on the most recent cybercrime incidents taking place around us. This helps you learn from previous incidents and how you can take enough measures to prevent a similar incident from happening to you.

- COUNSELLING - Faced with any of the situations mentioned in the book and don’t know what to do? We are with you. Get in touch with our free cyber counselling service and address your problems right away.

- CYBER BLOG - Whether you are interested in a career in this industry, or simply interested in cybersecurity and how to save yourself from a majority of cybercrimes, we would love to introduce you to a few insightful blogs.
              Download Cyber Safe Girl Pdf In Gujarati |  Cyber Safe Girl Pdf Gujarati
After all, awareness is the key and prevention is definitely better than cure. Stay Cyber Safe.

In today’s world cyber crime is a world-wide menace where it compromises the young girl’s and women’s online safety because of their young age, innocence or ignorance to online perils. Youngsters online life is pretty different from those of grown-ups.

Hence, It becomes an absolute must that we need to create awareness for perils of cyberspace for the young children using such helpful resources as this wonderful ebook.
This book explains the kind of trouble one can get into and conveys very important messages through its portrayal of visual images narrating situations.

Download Cyber Safe Girl Pdf

Cyber Safe Campus a unique program under the aegis of the national project Cyber Safe Girl - Beti Bachao Cyber Crime Se’ has received overwhelming support last year when delivered on campus at various institutions. However, we are keen to educate young students nationwide on cybercrimes and hence this eLearning program.