Pragna Material : Std 1 And 2 Pragna Materials File
Pragna Material : Std 1 And 2 Pragna Materials File : PRAGNA an activity based learning approach.Number of programs across the country such as DPEP, SSA, NPEGEL have been implemented towards universalization of elementary education. As a result , since past one decade there has been significant improvement in the enrollement and retention of children at the primary level. However, despite sincere and dedicated efforts at various levels to imporved quality in education, there is a long way to go. When one thinks of usual primary classes, the picture of any teacher centic classrooms that comes to one’s mind is as under.
Pragna Material : Std 1 And 2 Pragna Materials File
Pragna Material : The Pragna Approach has been implemented in all the elementary schools of Gujarat. For the Pragna to educate the group based children. Activity-Based Learning is a type of teaching where children learn at their own pace through various supervised activities. It is a more interactive and engaging method of teaching children. It allows for monitoring factors such as coordination, speech, motor skills and social skills amongst other important factors.

It is a fun approach to learning since it boosts the development of the brain in children by providing constant stimulus by prompting them to respond. Activity-based learning is achieved mainly in three ways which are, experimentation, expression, and exploration. Continue reading this article to read more about activity-based learning for kids and how activity-based learning helps students?

Why Pragna?
• It gives children an opportunity to learn at their own pace and level
• Provides children a platform to learn through experience
• It offers a chance to learn from teachers and peers
• It gives child an exposure to various project work and field work
• Child'a Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation is embedded & stress free
• It helps child learning how to learn
• Children are learning without burden

Classroom: The Pragna Classroom is child frendly place for children where they would love to come and learn. It is a place where the material is within their reach and they also have freedom to use there material as per their need.
Subject Classroom: There are subject specific rooms instead of common classroom. The subject specific rooms are designed keeping in such a way that the child can have an easy access to the material related to particular subject. Separate room for Language-EVS and Mathematics- Rainbow activities are organized in the schools.
Seating Arrangement: Children as well as teacher also sit on the floor rather than table-chair, benches or any kind of fixed furniture, Carpet or mat is provided to all the schools.

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PRAGNA Means Intellect, Understanding, Wisdom
Group Formation: Children of Standard 1 and 2 at together in any of the two classrooms. The combine group of children of standard one and two are divided in six groups according to the stage of learning. These groups are (1) Teacher Supported Group (2) Partially Teacher Supported Group (3) Peer Support Group (4) Partial Peer Support Group (5) Self learning Group and (6) Evaluation Group.

Physical Environment of Pragna Classroom:Rack and Tray, Ladder, Group Chart, Student Slate, Teacher Slate, Student Progress Chart, Display, Learning Card / Activity Card, Workbooks, Flash Cards, Game Board, Early Reader, Pictorial Dictionary, Rainbow Activity, Student Profile, Student Portfolio, EVS Project Sheets, Mathematics Practice Book, Gujarati Vachanmala, EVS – Manan, Teachers' Handbook, Training Module, TLM Box, Training CD, Advocacy CD, Advertisement CD and Jingle, Pragna Song.