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Early childhood education is a term that refers to children's eight -year -old educational programs and strategies. This period is widely considered the weakest and crucial phase of a person's life. Early childhood education often focuses on guiding children to learn through drama. The term usually refers to preschool or infant / child care programs.
Prarambhik Bhasha Shikshan
Prarambhik Bhasha Shikshan Online Course Join Link On Diksha App 
The DIKSHA stage offers educators, understudies and guardians drawing in learning material applicable to the recommended school educational program. Educators approach helps like exercise plans, worksheets and exercises, to make agreeable study hall encounters. Understudies get ideas, amend exercises and do rehearse works out. Guardians can follow homeroom exercises and clear questions outside school hours.

Philosophy of early childhood education
Learning by play is a general education philosophy for young children.Jean Pigte developed a pills theme to meet children's physical, intellectual, language, emotional and social needs. The creative principle of the pidge emphasizes educational experiences on hand, giving children the opportunity to explore and manipulate objects.Preschool children learn both educational and socio-based lessons. They learn to write the letters, numbers and how to write. They also learn negotiations, cooperation, curves and operating in the organized environment.

Torch in early childhood education
The spinning method of education is to provide more structures and support when the child learns new concepts. The child is taught something new using things they already know. Supports scalfolds such as building projects, these supports can be removed by learning skills to a child. This method means that education will create confidence.

Course Details :
  • The course is relevant for:
  • Board/University: State (Gujarat)
  • Medium: Gujarati
  • Class: Class 1, Class 2, Others
  • User Type: Teacher
કોર્સના ઉદેશ્યો - ભાષા શિક્ષણ સાથે જોડાયેલી વિવિધ સંકલ્પનાઓની પાયાની સમજને વિકસિત કરવી. - આ અવધારણાઓ પર વર્ગમાં કેવી રીતે કામ કરવું તેના માટે યોગ્ય વ્યૂહરચના અને પ્રવૃત્તિઓની પસંદગી કરી તેને વર્ગમાં ઉપયોગમાં લેવી. 

Batch Details
  • Batch start date 20 June 2022
  • Batch end date 30 July 2022
Certificate criteria
  • The completion certificate will be issued upon 100% completion
  • The certificate will be issued if you score greater than or equal to 50% in your assessment
Course modules
  • મોડ્યુલ-1 ભાષા શિક્ષણની સંતુલિત પદ્ધતિ તેમજ મૌખિક ભાષા વિકાસ
  • મોડ્યુલ- 2 શબ્દ ઓળખના આધારભૂત કૌશલ્યો અને ડીકોડીંગ
  • મોડ્યુલ-3 વાચન લેખન કૌશલ્ય વિકાસની વ્યૂહરચના
  • મૂલ્યાંકન

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